Sneva, Cullen, Peterson and Rhodus Snag MAX/WLBC Friday Night Summer Series Wins

Indianapolis' T.J. Sneva seems unstoppable as he took his eighth Legend feature of the season in the MAX/WLBC Friday Night Summer Series at the Anderson Speedway.

Anderson drivers continued their dominance in the rest of the program with Shane Cullen taking the ThunderCar Oval feature, James Peterson the ThunderCar Figure 8 main and Kevin Rhodus the Chappy's Rent To Own Front Wheel Drive headliner.

In Legend action, Scott McGinley took the lead in the 25-lap feature, but Eric Black quickly overhauled him by lap three. Black was leading the field in and out of traffic. Meanwhile, Sneva, who started ninth, was closing in on the front-runners.

By lap 15, Black found Sneva breathing down his neck. Sneva took the point on lap 18 and sailed on to another feature win. Trailers were Black, Dr. Bill Cribbs, Scott Evans and Mark Sullivan.

Black took the fast heat over James Robertson and Cribbs while Paul Holden copped heat No. 2 defeating Daniel Russell and Rodney Oliver. Fast qualifier was Sneva at 14.089 seconds.

Brandon Phillips jumped to the early lead in the ThunderCar Oval feature only to see Shane Cullen head him on lap nine. Phillips chased Cullen only to see his hood pop up forcing him out on lap 17.

This turned Cullen loose for the victory over Rick Trueblood, Jack Taylor, Tim Dick and A.J. Jones.

In a special program, heats were also ran. Brandon Leisure was walking away with heat No. 1 until he spun out of Turn 2 coming for the checker. Ranny Hinton was handed the victory over A.J. Jones and Roy Grissom Sr. Phillips led flag to flag in heat #2 defeating Cullen and Tim Nickerson.

ThunderCar Figure 8 action was hot and heavy. Roy Grissom Sr. jumped to the lead from outside the front row.  Wild William Coffman, for several laps was providing crossover excitement, zigzagging with the leaders.

On the eighth circuit, James Peterson pulled alongside of Grissom as they headed to the intersection. Grissom was looking at his challenger and never saw Coffman coming. The two hit extremely hard in the crossover with Grissom being back boarded out of his car and taken to the hospital.

A post-race report revealed no broken bones and he was treated and released. Peterson assumed the lead and never looked back. Following at the checker was Mike Peters, Jim Brown, Tim Nickerson and Ranny Hinton.

The Chappy's Rent To Own Front Wheel Drives had a full program also. The feature was a dandy with three lead changes the first three circuits.

Dustin Tomlinson led from lap three, until he suffered a flat on the 10th go-around. Kevin Rhodus, who started ninth, took control and went on to victory over Chris Jennings, Larry Thomas Jr., Bill King and Cale Ramey.

Elliott McKinney took his first career win in heat No. 1 leading the entire distance over Tomlinson and Don Ruston. Three and four abreast racing was the norm in the second heat with Jerry Baker leading the first half of the race before being passed by David Baker. David took the checker over Rhodus and Chris Teepe.

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