Rain Showers Hamper Friday Racing Program

As of late on the MAX/WLBC Friday Night Summer Series at the Anderson Speedway, the call from track announcer Denny Adams has been take cove". Such was the case Friday evening as a heavy thunderstorm pelted the track leaving a flooded infield, bumper deep water in the parking lot due to overfilled city storm sewers and a race program half completed.

In the Limited Late Models, Todd Marsh grabbed the lead from Doug Riddle at lap five to record the heat win over Doug Riddle and Mike Riddle Jr. Marsh was fast timer at 13.065 seconds.

Legend racing saw Scott McGinley lead flag to flag in the first heat defeating Greg Dietzen and Eric Black. John Robbins made a slick move on Kyle Pollock on lap seven of heat No. 2 to cop the coins over Mark Dietzen and Rodney Oliver. Dr. Bill Cribbs was fast qualifier at 14.160 seconds.

Anderson's Josh Tharp captured his sixth ThunderCar Figure 8 victory of the season holding off a hard charging James Peterson and avoiding several near misses in the crossover. Donnie Ellis Jr., Jim Brown and Ranny Hinton rounded out the top 5.

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