Smith, Burton, Wright and  Harmon Score Friday Night Victories

By Jessica Larson

Anderson Speedway returned to action on July 27th with the WLBC/MAX Friday Night Summer Series featuring Newco Metals Legends, ThunderCars and Chappy’s Rent to Own Front Wheel Drives in Oval and Figure 8 racing.

It looked as though Mother Nature was going to make it unable to race; however, Anderson Speedway prevailed and had an awesome night of racing. Rodney Smith took home the checkers in the Newco Metals Legend feature to score his third victory of the season. Eric Black jumped to the early lead but was quickly challenged by Rodney Smith and Bryan Nuckles. Rodney Smith led lap two with Nuckles taking over on lap three.

 After a lap 13 caution, James Fowlkes drove around Rodney Smith for second place and set his sights on Nuckles for the top spot. While battling for the lead Fowlkes and Knuckles tangled, advancing Rodney Smith to first position. Rodney Smith held on for the victory, holding a hold charging Kyle Lapier by just 0.068 seconds. Third at the finish was Billy Smith followed by James Fowlkes and Jeremy Johnson. Rodney Smith and Fowlkes were heat race winners.

In ThunderCar action, Jeff Eytchison led the opening 16 circuits with Lonny Burton then taking command of the race after a hard fought battle. While battling for second on the final lap, Eytchison and Tim Nickerson made contact sending Eytchison spinning in turn 4. Burton held on for the win with Sam Folsom in second position. Alice Riall placed third with Tim and Darryl Rogers completing the top five. Tim Nickerson crossed the finish line in second position but was relegated to the tail of the lead lap for rough driving. Tom Tacket and Dennis Farver Sr. were winners in preliminary racing action.

Jeff Wright took home the victory in the Chappy’s Rent to Own Front Wheel Drive Figure 8’s to visit the O’Reilly Auto Parts Winner Circle for the first time in 2007. Wright jumped to the lead on lap one and had a sizeable lead on the rest of the field. Wright did a masterful job during the 10 lap feature of working through heavy crossover traffic. At the line, Wright was followed by Donnie Ellis Jr., Nick Warner, Dennis Farver Sr., and Travis Burge.

Alexandria’s Kevin Harmon was able to score his ninth win of the season in the Chappy’s Rent to Own Front Wheel Drive Oval division. Third time was the charm, as it took three attempts for the race to officially begin. Harmon jumped out to the early lead and was never seriously challenged through out the 15 lap event. At the finish, Harmon finished 6.028 seconds in front of Pete Young. Remainder of the top five included Bryan Wright, Tom Crum and Russell Kirby Jr. In heat race action, a special moment occurred when Father Jeff Wright and Son Bryan Wright both won heat races.

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