Night of Thrills Ends 2009 Season

The Night of Thrills capped off the 2009 season at Anderson Speedway on Saturday evening. It started off with a trunk or treat for costumed kid fans with a costume parade held and prizes handed out. School bus rides once again entertained before the "thrills" program began.

The cork screw race was the first event with a new twist added. Barrels and cones were sat up on the back stretch to add an "s" curve to the course. In the center of the corkscrew was a 770 pound pumpkin provided by Westgate Farms in Noblesville. Nick Warner jumped to the early lead and survived several scrapes at the corkscrew to take the win over David Carr, Mike Alley, Jerry Dane and Gary Bragg, Jr.

The Powder Puff School Bus Figure was next with Robin Cullen leading the pack from flag to flag. Becky Stanley was 2nd, Marlene Fritz 3rd in her rookie appearance and Carla Gibs 4th.

Shawn Bucher travelled 75 miles from Akron, IN to capture the roll over contest with 2 1/2 complete rolls in three attempts for 12 points. Kris "Bozo" Farley was 2nd with two 1/2 rolls for 4 points and David Powell had a single 1/2 roll for 2 points for 3rd place.

The Culver's trailer figure 8 continues to grow in popularity with the fans and the competitors alike. After this race is over, the infield is a disaster area! Mike Alley of Anderson captured his 2nd consecutive trailer race in this wild demolition affair! Clyde Hamilton was runner-up followed by Gary Bragg, Jr, Mike Frederick and Jim Warner.

The compact demolition derby took center stage as the final event of the evening. Greenfield's Toby Andis and Muncie's Al Burgess had a tremendous battle to the end in the 10 car field with Andis the victor followed by Al Burgess, Steve Butler, Dustin King and Nathan Burgess.

Anderson Speedway fans can visit the all new Anderson Speedway Kiosk at the Mounds Mall from November 6th thru December 31st with all sorts of fun items available for purchase for Christmas.