Wyman Captures ThunderCar Feature
Muncie driver Rob Wyman Sr. might be wondering why he decided to retire from racing 12 years ago after winning the WMDH Thunder Car feature last weekend at Anderson Speedway.

During qualifying Wyman posted the fastest time turning a lap at 14.7 seconds and started sixth in the feature following the inverting of the field.

Sam Folsom took the early lead chased by Bruce McFall with Wyman gaining three positions on the first lap with Shawn Cullen and Rob Allman in hot pursuit.

Wyman moved into the second spot on the second circuit with an outside pass of McFall entering turn three and on the fifth circuit got inside of Folsom down the front straight to take the point.

Cullen and Allman both passed McFall to grab the third and fourth spots before five laps were completed.

On the tenth lap Nick Warner and Rod Phipps moved into the top five with identical passes of Folsom in turn one using the high groove. Allman got past Cullen on lap 17 with an inside move in turn one.

Phipps made a late charge toward the front first passing Warner on the front straight after 19 laps and then getting past Cullen to grab the third position.

Wyman won by .5 seconds followed by Allman, Phipps, Cullen and Warner.

Had the race been another five laps Wyman might not have visited victory lane for the first time in 12 years.

“There was something going out in the rear end,” he said, “it wouldn’t have lasted much longer. My son set up an awesome car tonight. This was a lot of fun.”

There was plenty of action in the heat races with Cullen and Warner scoring their first wins of the year.

In the first heat race Cullen used an outside move to get around McFall halfway through the event and just like in the feature Wyman and Phipps were there to do battle for the win.

Wyman got outside of McFall going through turn three on lap six and Phipps used the high line to grab third entering turn one.

Cullen went on to win by .3 seconds over Wyman with Phipps, McFall and Hannah Lundy rounding out the top five.

In the second heat race Warner passed James Peterson for the lead on the second circuit and never looked back winning by .2 seconds over Allman with Peterson, Folsom and Tom Tacket rounding out the top five.