Warner Wins Wild Figure 8

Fans were treated to a wild and exciting Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 feature with Nick Warner surviving for the victory.
Donnie Ellis Jr. took the early lead chased by Josh Tharp and Rickie Tharp with Warner moving into the fourth spot on the second lap.

Josh Tharp challenged for the lead on the eighth lap and attempted an inside pass down the back straight.

But that’s where things got wild for the drivers to the delight of the Families Forever night fans at Anderson Speedway.
With the front runners bunched up on lap 10, Josh Tharp looked to make an outside move on Ellis entering turn one. But with a lapped car down low Tharp was forced to exit the track through the gate in the outside wall.

While the fans were still buzzing over that action, Ellis, Rickie Tharp and Warner tangled with Warner spinning. Ellis and Tharp were sent to the tail of the field and Warner was moved back to his position, which was in the lead.

Meanwhile Rickie Tharp returned to the track and the wild action was far from over. On the 12th lap Josh Tharp got into the side of Ellis entering turn one. Ellis suffered a flat tire and went to the lower pit and Tharp was sent to the showers by race officials for rough driving.

From there Warner scored the win followed by Elliott McKinney and Rickie Tharp all on the lead lap. Ellis was credited with four, two laps down and Josh Tharp finished fifth.

Rickie Tharp led the entire distance to win the heat race with Warner passing McKinney on the back straight at the mid-point to finish third. Josh Tharp, McKinney and Ellis completed the top five.