Phipps Get ThunderCar Win

Anderson’s Rod Phipps waged a pitched battle with Rob Wyman Sr. and Rob Allman and went on to win the WMDH Thunder Car feature.

Phipps took the lead on lap two with a pass of Sam Folsom entering the third turn. A lap later fast qualifier Wyman and Allman both got inside of Folsom down the back straight to set up the three car battle.

The trio raced nose to tail for the next 18 laps with Pitts not yielding the bottom line. Things changed on lap 21 when Wyman and Allman made contact in turn one, the end result was Wyman spun and sent to the rear of the field and Allman’s night was ended with a flat right front tire.

That put Hannah Lundy into second followed by Folsom, Ronald Adams and Wyman in fifth. Wyman passed Adams and Folsom on consecutive laps entering turn three.

Phipps recorded his first feature win of the season by 1.6 seconds over Lundy with Wyman, Folsom and Adams rounding out the top five. Allman was credited with ninth.

“The other two cars (Wyman and Allman) were faster than me,” Phipps said. “If they wanted to pass they would have to run the high side. I just kept it low.”

In the first heat race Phipps and Wyman battled for the win with Phipps leading early and was passed by Wyman on the sixth circuit with an inside pass going into the third corner.

The pair were followed by Folsom, Adams and Tom Tacket.
Lundy led all ten laps of the second heat race but was challenged the entire distance by Allman.

The Alexandria driver scored her second heat win of the year by .262 seconds over Allman with Jeff Saxon, Bruce McFall and Earl Adams II all finishing in the top five.