Phipps Wins Wild Figure 8
With Anderson driver Rod Phipps securely in the lead during the Figure-8 feature at Anderson Speedway on Saturday, all of the action was back in the pack.

Behind Phipps, who led from the wave of the green flag, there was plenty of rubbing taking place for the second position between Jason Pitts, Jeff Swinford, Curtis Chapman and Nick Warner.

Swinford was holding down the second spot when on lap five Pitts made an inside pass coming off the third corner.

Tight racing continued between Swinford, Warner and Phillips for the third position with Chapman right behind the lead pack. Chapman moved into the fifth spot on lap eight when he got inside of Phillips in turn one.

The battle for the third spot continued and on lap 20 the fireworks erupted. Swinford got loose in turn three and  went to the inside. There was contact between the two drivers with Swinford spinning.

Swinford than drove the wrong way on the track during the caution period and aimed for Chapman at the crossover. Chapman swerved missing Swinford. Swinford then collected Warner.

Swinford than stopped on the back straight of the Figure-8 course and climbed out of his mount, standing on the roof.

After his car was towed to the pits, Swinford remained on the track. To everyone's surprise while Swinford was being escorted from the racing surface his car reappeared. Whom ever was driving Swinford's car then rammed the back of Chapman's ride, ending his night.

The extracurricular activities ended what was promising to be an exciting Figure-8 feature with close racing in the pack.
From there Phipps went on to record his third feature win followed by Pitts, Warner, Elliott McKinney and Bruce McFall.

"We had a good race car tonight," Phipps said. "We got close a couple of times in the cross over with the 0 (Tim Nickerson) car."

Warner won the first heat race with Phipps finishing second and Ronnie Phipps claiming the third spot.

The second heat win went to Shawn Cullen who battled early in the race with Dale Phillips, finally securing the top spot on lap three.

Pitts finished second followed by Swinford and Tim Nickerson.