Bragg Holds off Williams; Teepe, Dane Get Heat Wins
Kokomo's Gary Bragg Jr. scored the feature win for the Front Wheel Drive oval division, but the victory didn't come
without a tense moment.

Mike Alley took the early lead but was passed on the sixth circuit by Jeff Williams on the front straight.

The driver on the move though was Bragg Jr., who didn't break into the top five until the fourth lap. On a restart Bragg used the outside line to pass Mad Cow Racing teammates Frank Gasho and Jerry Dane and set his sights on the two front runners.

On the same lap that Williams passed Alley, Bragg made a similar pass on the back straight to move into second. Bragg took the lead on the ninth lap with an outside move around Williams on the front straight.

Just when it appeared that Bragg was opening a commanding lead, he was forced to take evasive action on the back straight to avoid the lapped car of Dewayne Burton, who was pitting.

Bragg ran through the infield grass and re-entered the racing
surface entering turn three. That allowed Williams to make a final charge and he actually took the lead from Bragg on the 14th lap on the front straight.

But by the end of the next circuit Bragg was back in front and went on to win over Williams followed by Dane, Gary Bragg Sr. and Gasho.

Early in the race Chris Teepe slowed on the second lap and was forced from the event after completing only one lap.

Dane won the first heat race by passing Gasho on lap eight on the front straight. Aaron Jones, Bragg Jr. and Brad Bell rounded out the top five.

Bell took the lead at the start but was passed by Gasho on the front straight on the second circuit.

In the second heat race, Teepe took the lead on the third lap when John Davis Jr. retired from the event. Teepe went on to win followed by Williams, Alley, Ron Phipps and Robert Rutter.

The caution flag flew one time when Bragg Sr. spun in turn four while holding down the fourth position.