Wearing The Crown; Chapman Captures 61st Best Way Disposal National Crown
For 60 laps Curtis Chapman showed plenty of patience in the 61st running of the Best Way Disposal National Crown at Anderson Speedway.

For the first 60 laps the front running four cars of Josh Tharp, Chapman, Robbie Allman and Rod Phipps ran nose to tail and was able to pull away from the rest of the field.

With Tharp on the point the four front runners continued to turn laps on the Figure-8 course while havoc took place all around them.

Finally with 15 laps remaining Tharp drifted high coming off the second corner which allowed Chapman the inside line entering turn three and he was able to complete the pass.

After Chapman took the lead, Tharp pulled off the track and came to a stop. From that point on Chapman was able to hold off Allman by 2.9 seconds for his second National Crown win followed by Phipps, the only other car on the lead lap.

"This ain't my first one," Chapman said of the National Crown. "I had a lot of patience and just pressured him."

Chapman said his strategy was to let Tharp go at the start and try to keep Allman and Phipps at bay.

"I was going to wait even longer," Chapman said of the pass. "It was such a big hole, I had to go. Robbie (Allman) was tapping me a little bit, letting me know he was ready to go. He tapped me during a caution and I knew it was time to go."

Chapman said the team has been suffering through a down year, despite being second in the point standings.

"We've had a lot of bad luck," he said, "everything went perfect today."

Phipps said the top four cars were evenly matched and there wasn't much room to pass.

"It was tight racing, as evidenced by the tire marks on the car," he said. "It was tight, but it was clean racing. I got third, I can't complain."

While the front runners were waiting for another driver to make a mistake, there was plenty of action in the rest of the pack.

On lap 16 Mark Goettman made contact with the car of James Peterson in the crossover. Peter's night was finished and Goettman's car was never the same again and he parked it after 27 circuits.

Meanwhile Ronnie Rose and Jason Pitts exchanged paint while battling for the sixth position. On a lap 27 restart the two drivers tangled again with Rose pinning Pitts to the outside wall, ending both driver's night.

Shawn Cullen, who ran fifth for the first 36 laps lost a motor which ended his night.