Rickie Tharp gets Figure-8 win; Wild night for Front Wheel Drive division
Maybe it was the full moon hanging suspended above
the Anderson Speedway that had the Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 drivers feeling a little frisky on Saturday.

The action started early during qualifications with the old track record being broken not once, but twice.

Rickie Tharp posted a time of 20.606 seconds to break the mark he set on July 10 of 20.619 seconds around the quarter-mile oval. But that record didn't stand very long as Nick Warner bested the mark with a lap at 20.566 seconds.

Warner, the current point's leader, never really got a chance to capture the feature win.

Entering the first corner on the start of the feature, Warner made hard contact with the outside retaining wall and then gestured at another driver during the caution period displaying his frustration.

On the restart Bill Leisure grabbed the early lead chased by Josh Tharp, Rickie Tharp, Elliott McKinney and Matt Tharp.

Rickie Tharp was able to use an outside pass of Leisure on the back straight to claim the lead on the third circuit.

Leisure pulled out of the race on the very next lap while Trevon Henson and McKinney made slight contact in the crossover.

Donnie Ellis II and Matt Tharp traded some paint on lap five and with the caution flag waving for debris on the track the two continued to make contact with each other in the infield grass. It proved to be the end of the evening for both drivers.

From there Rick Tharp went on to record his fifth feature win of the season by a comfortable 6.2 seconds over Josh Tharp with McKinney coming home in third.

McKinney took the early lead in the first of two heat races but was passed by Leisure on the second circuit and then by Warner on the next lap.

From there Leisure went on to win by .204 seconds over Warner with McKinney rounding out the top three. It was Leisure's second heat win of the season.

Josh Tharp took the early lead in the second head but was unable to hold back Rickie Tharp, who make an inside pass entering the third corner.

The Tharp's finished one -two with Blake Zirkle recording a podium finish.