Keller Returns for Front Wheel Drive Win
Bragg, Williams get heat wins

Andy Keller has made few appearances at Anderson
Speedway this season, but last Saturday he recorded his first feature win of the 2010 season.

There was close racing in the feature and two heat races with all of the winning margins under a second.

Keller qualified fourth quickest and led the entire distance to capture the feature victory.

While Keller was holding down the top spot there was a scramble among several drivers to earn a podium spot.

Ron Phipps was chased by Gary Bragg Jr., Jeff Williams and Gary Bragg Sr. early in the race for the second position.

Bragg Jr. claimed the second spot with an inside pass of Phipps entering turn one and a lap later Phipps was passed by Williams entering turn one. Williams got inside of Bragg Jr. on the fifth circuit and was able to stay right on the heels of Keller for the rest of the race.

Bragg Sr. passed Phipps on lap 13 entering turn three.
At the finish it was Keller winning by .6-seconds followed by
Williams and Bragg Jr.

In the first heat race the point was taken by Brad Bell, but his lead lasted only one circuit when Phipps drove to the inside entering turn three. On the next lap Bragg Jr. used a similar move to claim the second position.

At the halfway point Bragg used the outside line coming off the fourth corner to maintain momentum and took the lead from Phipps on the front straight.

Bragg claimed his fourth heat win of the year by .8-seconds over Phipps followed by Jerry Dane, Chris Teepe and Bell.

Bragg Sr. led  at the start of the second heat race chased by
Williams and Keller. On the fifth lap Williams got inside of Bragg coming off the fourth corner and grabbed the lead on the front straight as the two crossed the start/finish line.

Keller trailing close behind the two leaders passed Bragg entering the first corner.

Williams went on to win by .6-seconds over Keller followed by Bragg, Harry LaShure and Paul Phipps.