Phipps Sweeps WMDH ThunderCars
It was a good night in WMDH ThunderCar competition for point's leader Rod Phipps.

Phipps set fast time, won his sixth heat race of the year and then scored the feature win.

With the top six drivers inverted Hannah Lundy, the winner of two consecutive features in the division, and Rob Wyman Sr. started on the front row.

Wyman and Lundy raced side by side for several laps at the outset of the race with Phipps moving into the third position on the fifth lap with an inside pass of Ronnie Rose going down the backstraight.

The three frontrunners were locked in a nose to tail battle for the next 15 laps with Phipps applying pressure to the rear bumper of Lundy's car. On lap 20 Wyman and Lundy both spun bringing out the lone caution flag of the race.

That gave the lead to Phipps chased by Rose, Rob Allman, Earl Adams II and Pam Neal, making her first start at Anderson Speedway.

Wyman and Lundy sliced their way through the field but were unable to again challenge for the win.

At the checkers it was Phipps winning by .6-seconds over Rose followed by Allman, Adams, Wyman and Lundy.

"We're all pretty equal," Phipps said after the win of the top
competitors in the division, "and that makes it hard to pass. I started pressing Hannah (Lundy) and I was looking to the outside when they spun."

Lundy said it was tight racing with the slower cars in front of the two leaders and she had no where to go when the double spin with Wyman took place.

Phipps won the first of the two heat races with a nifty move entering turn three on the second lap when Sammy Hawkins and Neal drifted high, which allowed him to snag the point.
Finishing behind Phipps was Rose and Lundy.

Rob Allman took the lead from Ronald Adams with an outside pass entering turn three near the halfway mark of the event to take the lead. Wyman passed Ronald Adams a lap later entering turn one.

At the finish Allman held off Wyman by .18-seconds with Ronald Adams coming home third followed by Earl Adams II and Tony Grissom.