Bragg, Dewey Gets Wins; Cluxton, Stanley and Warner Victorious During Night of Thrills
Gary Bragg Jr. took the lead from his father on the third lap of the Front Wheel Drive oval feature at Anderson Speedway and motored his way to a fourth feature win of the season during the U.S. Air Force Night of Thrills presented by Harrison College.

Bragg Jr. led a Mad Cow Racing sweep of the top three positions followed by Gary Bragg Sr. and Jerry Dane. Fast qualifier Chris Teepe came from back in the field to finish fourth followed by Ron Phipps.

“The car was really hooked up,” Bragg said of the win. “These little four-baggers really run.”
John Dewey used the high line on the front straight to take the lead on lap 18 of the Mini-Cup feature from Tyler Minix to record the victory.

The lead changed three times in the first four laps. Geoff Gerline took the early lead and surrendered it to Josh Satler on lap two, who was passed by Minix with an inside pass on the front straight,

Dewey and fast qualifier Tim Phillips were climbing through the field and had moved up run second and third after nine laps. Phillips night ended on lap ten when his car lost the drive chain.

Following Dewey to the checkers were Minix, Scott Swem, Satler and Freeman Hochstetier.
Phillips of Otsego set a new track record for the Mini-cups becoming the first driver to break the 15-second mark with a lap of 14.926-seconds.

Frankton’s Jedi Cluxton took the early lead and then regained it on the final lap with an inside pass of Jerry Dane on the back straight to win the backwards race, with the drivers going in reverse and in the opposite direction on the track.

Dane closed on Cluxton and took the lead on the next to last lap on the front straight and then hit the back straight wall to give Cluxton his first win ever in racing. Following Cluxton was Bragg Jr. and Chad Worland.

Nick Warner led from start to finish to win the corkscrew race chased by Kevin Henson and Mike Irwin.

Warner also picked up the win in the Culver’s Trailer Race. Warner pulled away from the field when his closest competitor Bragg spun in turn one and dropped out of competition.

Three drivers were taken out on the first lap when they tried to make the tight turn into the crossover. Bobby Bair, Harry Schultz and Worland all made contact and were finished for the night.

Basil Stanley made it two wins in a row in the School Bus Figure-8 passing Will Cornwall on the final corner. Cornwall led the entire distance but on the final lap had to check-up at the crossover to avoid a collision which allowed Stanley to get the advantage entering the third corner.

Dana Parrott, Indianapolis, in a Corvette defeated Allen Ice and Chase Tomlinson to win the spectator races.

Next Saturday is WMDH 102.5 Family Night at Anderson Speedway with kid’s bicycle races, WMDH Thunder Cars and the Front Wheel Drive division in action on the oval and in Figure-8 competition. Gates open at 5 p.m. with racing at 8 p.m.