Poore, Robbins, Williams, Edsall and Brown Earn Victories
Anderson's Josh Poore scored the Street Stock headliner while Elwood's John Robbins took the Legend main, Alexandria's Jeff Williams was the Front Wheel Drive Oval victor, and Indy drivers James Edsall, III and Dylan Brown captured the Last Chance Wrecker Thunder Roadster and Bandoleros features on Lawrence Oil and Lubrication Services Night at the races Saturday evening at Anderson Speedway.

In Street Stock action, Josh Poore was able to work his way through a complete inversion and battle side by side with Rich Boyer, Josh Myers and Rob Allman before taking the point for good just past the half way point. Poore took his second consecutive feature win over Allman, Myers, Boyer and Ronnie Rose. Randy Hoppes and Derrick Layne were prelim winners with Poore fast timer at 14.076 seconds.

John Robbins made quick work of the great Legend field on hand, flying into the lead by lap 10. Travis Braden and Ben Rhoades issued a couple of serious charges on restarts, but Robbins proved to be too strong. In the end, Robbins dominated for his 4th win of the year defeating Rhoades, Braden, Aaron Holden and Taylor Webb to round out the top five. Braden and Chris Linley were heat winners with Rhodes fast qualifier at 14.188 seconds.

Front Wheel Drive action saw a tremendous battle between team mates Kevin Harmon, Jeff Williams and point leader Chris Teepe. Side by side and three abreast racing was the norm for several laps as the threesome battle for the lead. Williams finally grabbed the point for good late in the race and went on to his fourth win of the season. Rounding out the top five were Teepe, Harmon, Paul Phipps and Jerry Dane. Williams was the heat winner with Teepe fast timer at 15.499 seconds.

James Edsall, III kept the "batmobile" record clean as the car has not been defeated in competition. Edsall wasted little time going into the lead and left little doubt of the outcome in the Last Chance Wrecker Thunder Roadsters. Trailing were Chris Weddle, Al Renner, Darrell Brown and David Lobbia in that order. Edsell was fast qualifier at 13.647 seconds.

The Bandoleros hit the big track again with Dylan Brown the hot shoe of the division. Chasing Dylan to the checker were Jarrett Alexander, Zack Bohmer, Randy Caldwell and Zack Freeman. Dalton Brown was a heat winner.

Anderson Speedway returns to action on Saturday, October 2 when the U.S. Air Force Night of Thrills will showcase the return of IOFS Outlaw Figure 8. Other events include School Bus Figure 8’s, Culver’s Trailer Race, Backwards Race and Front Wheel Drive Figure 8’s.