Greig Claims IOFS Event; Bedel Wins Championship
After continually tapping the back of RJ Norton Jr.'s car for a dozen laps to no avail, Doug Grieg took advantage of a restart to win the International Outlaw Figure-8 race Saturday at Anderson Speedway.

Norton took the lead from Jeff Shakelford on a restart at the midpoint of the race and doggedly held his line as Greig attempted to knock him aside to grab the point.

With five laps remaining the caution flag waved when Bruce McFall stalled near the crossover. On the double file restart Norton was on the high line and Grieg started underneath him.

Entering turn one Greig grabbed the top spot from Norton with fast qualifier Ben Tunny also using the low line to grab the second position. Greig pulled away to win by 1.9 seconds followed by Tunny and Norton.

There were unexpected changes at the front of the pack after the caution flag waved on lap 22 when Andy Sherley stopped in the crossover.

Leader Ben Tunny dove into the pits before the race was restarted and on the restart, Shakleford, who inherited the lead, jumped the start and was sent to the tail of the field.
That put Charles Hargraves on the point, but his advantage lasted less than one lap when Norton grabbed the low line entering turn three and took the lead.

Hargraves slowed on lap 34 while battling for second with Greig.

The feature got off to a rousing start before the field made it through the first two corners.

Hargraves got loose in the first corner and the car of Shakleford bounced off the rear tire and briefly got airborne. Both drivers were able to continue. But behind them the cars of Danny Stanley Jr. and Johnny Hargraves tangled with both stopping near the outside retaining wall. Johnny Hargraves was able to continue, but Stanley's night came to an end.

The early lead was taken by David Byrd, who was passed on the tenth circuit by Jesse Tunny with an outside pass entering turn one.

With the top 16 qualifiers inverted for the start, Ben Tunny moved up to the second spot by lap 10 and he took the lead on lap 15 with an outside pass of Jesse Tunny.

Gary Bedel, who finished fourth, won the IOFS championship.