Tharp, Bragg and Warner Get U.S. Air Force Night of Thrills Victories
Nick Warner took the lead on the final lap during the Culver's Trailer Race and win on to record the victory during Saturday's U.S. Air Force Night of Thrills at Anderson Speedway.

Gary Bragg Jr. led most of the race, but on the next to last lap was forced to go on the infield grass to miss action in the crossover.

Bragg made contact with another car entering turn one, which allowed Warner to drive into the lead and score the victory.

Josh Tharp passed Danny Stanley Jr. on the front straight to win the School Bus Figure-8 action.

Stanley took the early lead chased by Basil Stanley and Bruce McFall. On the second lap McFall passed Basil Stanley for second place and Tharp also slipped inside to grab the third position.

Tharp passed McFall on the backstraight and set his sights on Danny Stanely.

The School Bus Figure-8 event showcased three-wide racing several times in the corners and tight action in the crossover.

Bragg passed Warner on the second lap and went on to win the backwards race. Jerry Dane finished third.