Teepe's Goal Changed in 2010; Driver Secures Second Championship
(October 19, 2010) – When the season started for the Front Wheel Drive division competition on the Anderson Speedway oval the intent was not to seek the championship.

Teepe won the title in 2004 and was looking to race and have fun this season.

Entering the final night of competition during Ed Martin Toyota Championship racing, Teepe had already secured his second title.

"Winning the championship was not a goal at the start of the
season," he said. "I was running for fun and found myself leading the points. Once your in that spot you have to try."

Teepe said running for points takes the fun out of racing and
requires a lot of hard work during the season.

"Once you go to the banquet, you get the trophy and go through that experience," he continued, "you realize than it's fun."

Teepe said through the whole summer it becomes a long season.

He related that for three or four races his car wasn't running right.

He also acknowledged had Kokomo driver Gary Bragg Jr. continued to race on a weekly basis the championship battle would have been closer.

"He (Bragg) was my competition at the time," Teepe said. "It would have been me or him."

For the 2011 season Teepe is going to put Randy Owen in the driver's seat and he intends to participate in some of the U.S. Air Force sponsored "Night of Thrills" events.

"I'm going to give Randy a chance and see what he can do," he said.

"I may race here and there. I want to get away from the pressure. The pressure just eats at you all year."