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Swinford Records Figure 8 Wins

(June 25, 2011) – For the second consecutive week there was plenty of action to record the victory in Figure-8 action on ABATE night on Saturday.

Two weeks ago Nick Warner and Curtis Chapman traded paint on the final lap with Warner recording the win. This past Saturday Chapman took the early lead with Jeff Swinford in hot pursuit. Josh Tharp was the driver on the move early in the feature event passing Bruce McFall on the second circuit, James Peterson three laps later on the front straight and then moved into the third spot by passing Mike Phipps in turn four.

The one and only caution flag waved on the tenth circuit when Bruce McFall came to a stop along the turn one outside retaining wall.

On the restart Swinford was racing inside of Chapman as they exited turn two. Coming off the corner Chapman was pushed to the high side and got into the infield grass, losing three positions.

With the four front running cars running in a bunch, Chapman was able to get past Warner, but could advance no further in the field.

Swinford recorded the win by .418 seconds over Tharp with Chapman, Warner and Peterson rounding out the top five.

Peterson took the early lead in the heat race chased by Mike Phipps, who was passed by Swinford and Larry Swinford on the second lap. Warner spun in turn one and was knocked from contention for the win.

Jeff Swinford made the pass on Peterson on the sixth lap with an outside move along the front straight. Peterson held on to finish second with Phipps, Chapman and Larry Swinford rounding out the top five.

Chapman edged out Tharp for fast qualifier honors by only .064-seconds with Warner a close third.