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Continuing FWD Oval Battle, Williams, Dane Turning Up the Heat

(July 26, 2011) – For most of the season Jeff Williams has been dominant in the Front Wheel Drive Oval Division, but since June that dominance has been challenged by Jerry Dane.

The friendly rivalry between the two drivers continued on Saturday with Dane recording the feature win by holding off Williams.

Since June 25 the two drivers have qualified one-two three different times and Dane and Williams have each recorded two feature wins over that span.

With an inversion of eight cars for the feature, Dane started on the outside of the fourth row with Williams directly in front.

The early lead was taken by Trevin Henson but that only lasted for four laps. Dane used an outside move on the front straight to pass Williams and Mike Alley to move up to the second position. He claimed the lead on the front straight from Trevin Henson.

The caution flag waved on lap five for debris with Dane able to hold off Henson, Williams got inside of Henson entering turn one and ran in lock step with Dane.

Action slowed on lap 12 when Kevin Henson, who posted the second quick time, had a radiator hose erupt.

On the final restart Dane and Williams ran side by side for several laps before Dane took a clear lead, but Williams remained glued to his rear bumper.

At the checkers Dane finished .28-seconds in front of Williams with Trevin Henson, Andy Jennings and Sean Bragg rounding out the top five.

Williams recorded the victory in the first of two heat race, taking the lead from Trevin Henson on the eighth circuit with Dane moving into the second position.

Earlier in the race Williams and Dane along with Ron Phipps slipped inside of Marshall Clark on the front straight to claim the second through fourth position. Phipps slowed and retired two laps later.

Finally on lap 8 both Williams and Dane slipped around Henson coming off the second corner.

Williams beat Dane to the checkers by .4-seconds followed by Henson, Bragg and Kevin Henson.

There was plenty of action in the second heat race with Kenny Galbreath taking the early point. James Frawley and Phipps went outside of Galbreath down the back straight on lap three to claim the top two positions.

Before the lap was completed Phipps got inside of Frawley entering the third turn to take the lead. On lap five Frawley and John Davis Jr. both spun in turn two, relegating both to the rear of the field.

But Frawley took advantage of the double file restart to pass Harry Shultz, Galbreath and Cory Ginding on the backstraight to move back to third. A lap later Frawley used the high groove to pass Zachary Kendall for the second spot entering turn three.

At the checkers Phipps won by a comfortable margin over Frawley, Kendall, Shultz and Galbreath.