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Dane Sweeps Front Wheel Drive Action

(August 6, 2011) – Some of the best racing action in recent weeks has been taking place in the Front Wheel Drive Oval Division with Jeff Williams and Jerry Dane going toe-to-toe every weekend.

Last Saturday at Anderson Speedway was no exception and the tone for the night was set early with Dane posting the quick time over Williams by .263-seconds with Ron Phipps a close third.

In the feature event the lead was taken by Trevin Henson at the start, but it lasted just one lap when Dane and Williams both got inside in turn three and on the front straight.

Twice Dane and Williams lined up side by side on the front row for restarts with Dane jumping into the lead and Williams closing.

Williams looked both high and low looking for a way around Dane to capture the point. Finally on lap 12 Williams got outside of Dane on the front straight to take the lead. When they encountered lapped traffic, Dane picked the right line to retake the lead on lap 16 entering turn three.

He used lapped traffic to pull away to win by .206-seconds over Williams followed by Paul Phipps, Sean Bragg and Ricky Craig.

“It was a lot of fun,” Dane said of the tight racing with Williams. “I started pushing a little bit at the end. The lapped traffic allowed me to get the win.”

In the first heat race Dane passed Trevin Henson on lap three to take the lead and three laps later Williams got inside of Henson coming off the second corner. At the checkers it was Dane, Williams, Trevin Henson, Bragg and Craig.

On the first lap of the second heat race Marshall Clark made heavy contact with the turn three wall and at the same time Jeff Hopkins made contact in turn four.

That gave the lead to Harry Schultz, who was passed by Paul Phipps and Zachary Kendall with an outside move in turn three.

Following Phipps and Kendall to the checkers was Schultz, Gene Carson and Michelle Cutsinger.