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Warner, O’Conner win AutoCross events; Sitloh, Evans get Demo Derby Victories

(October 29, 2011) – It was a different form of racing at Anderson Speedway with an AutoCross competition on a dirt oval and two slight jumps on the infield.

Regular Anderson Speedway competitor Nick Warner captured his first ever AutoCross victory in the Front Wheel Drive division. Warner captured both 15-lap segments to record the overall victory.

In the first race, Warner took the early lead, but was spun out by John McCoy. Under AutoCross rules contact is allowed.

With Warner’s spin that gave the lead to Zach Chrisman, who was also taken out by McCoy. Chrisman’s car won’t start in turn four, which allowed Warner to record the victory.

In the second segment Warner led the entire distance and although he was visibly slowing on the track, Kevin Henson closed on Wagner but was never able to make a pass.

Warner has won feature events in a number of divisions at Anderson Speedway and a week ago scored the victory in the WMDH Thunder Car Enduro.

In the first Big Car AutoCross, Kevin Perdue recorded the victory when Brad Bex surrendered the lead after contact with several cars in the first of the two 20-lap segements. Bex attempted to close on Perdue, but was caught up when a large number of cars blocked the track at the front straight jump.

Charlie O’Conner took the lead in the second segment and was passed by John Heston as the two battled around a stalled car in turn one. But when the red flag waved, it put O’Conner back on the point. Perdue faded in the second segment from the pole position and was running fifth at the stoppage.

On the restart, Heston spun in turn one and eventually was knocked out of competition with a flat tire. From that point O’Conner cruised to the victory. Perdue was credited with a second place finish.

Richmond competitor Larry Sitloh was able to win the Big Car demolition derby by forcing Chad Wilson out of bounds. The driver making the most contact during the event was Jimmy Crafton, driving a station wagon.

Bill Evans captured the Mini-Car Demolition Derby when Toby Andes car went up in a puff of smoke.