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Cain Wins WMDH ThunderCar Feature

By Ken de la Bastide

(May 7, 2012) – 
Indianapolis driver Brad Cain got a break early in the WMDH ThunderCar feature last Saturday at Anderson Speedway, taking advantage of the situation to win the feature race.

Cain grabbed the top spot over Frankie Oakes on the opening lap closely chased by Herb Rose, Robby Wyman and Rob Allman.

On the second circuit Cain drifted high coming off the second corner which allowed both Oakes and Rose to sneak inside going down the back straight. But before the lap was completed, Andrea Williams spun. Williams spin reset the line-up passed on the previous lap, returning Cain to the lead.

Fast qualifier Hannah Lundy moved into the top five on lap three when she used the outside groove to a pass Rose in turn three.

Four laps later the front-running drivers became scrambled. Wyman was attempting to pass Oakes entering turn three when the two made contact. That contact sent Oakes into the turn three wall, ending his night, and relegated Wyman to the tail for being involved in the caution.

From there Lundy, Rose, Allman and Travis Burge ran in a tight pack behind Cain for the remaining 18 laps. Slower traffic was a factor during the race as several times it stymied drivers from gaining a position.

Lundy looked to the outside several times to get around Cain, but he maintained the racing line and kept her from mounting a serious challenge.

Both heat races got off to exciting starts with drivers in the front two rows racing side by side for several laps before sorting out the running order.

In the first heat race the lead was taken by Burge chased by Earl Adams II and Oakes. Oakes passed Adams on the second lap with a power move around the outside in turn four and four laps later used momentum coming off the fourth corner to take the lead.

Adams passed Burge on the same lap in turn three. Rounding out the top five were Allman and Rose.

Mike Peters scored the win in the second heat race by passing Sammy Hawkins on the sixth circuit by getting inside entering turn one. Hawkins was passed on consecutive laps by Jeff Hopkins, James Peterson and Chris Snyder, having to settle for fifth.