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Allman Wins Wild Front Wheel Drive Figure 8 Main Event

By Ken de la Bastide

(June 12, 2012) – 
It didn’t take a crystal ball at Anderson Speedway last Saturday to determine how the G.W. Pierce Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 feature was going to finish.

With the fastest four qualifiers inverted for the start, the early lead was taken by Elliott McKinney chased by Donnie Ellis Jr., fast qualifier Mike Alley and Kevin Henson.

Alley moved inside of Ellis coming off the fourth corner on the second lap and the battle was joined with front running McKinney.

For the next five laps Alley looked both inside and outside hoping to make a pass of McKinney. On the second lap coming down the front straight the two traded paint with the end result McKinney spinning bringing out the caution flag.

McKinney was sent to the tail for causing the caution and Alley was awarded first place. But when the cars lined up for the restart, McKinney was right on the rear bumper of Alley. They never made it through the first corner.

McKinney pushed Alley into the turn one outside retaining wall, ending the night for both.

With both McKinney and Alley on the sidelines, Mark Allman, who survived getting collected in the McKinney/Alley incident, went on to win his first feature event of the year.

In a race of attrition there were only four cars running at the finish. Following Allman to the checkers were Jeremy Acree, Donnie Ellis Jr. and Kevin Henson.

Alley led the entire distance to win the first heat race with Henson and McKinney rounding out the two three.

Allman won the second heat race by passing James Frawley and Jeremy Acree on the second lap and inherited the lead when Paul Phipps experienced a temporary mechanical problem.

Allman went on to win by almost six-seconds over Acree with Frawley, Dereck Moore and Rickie Craig rounding out the top five.

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