Bob Frey to Return to the Pay Less Little 500

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(May 20, 2013) - Five-time Little 500 winner Bob Frey informed on that he will be returning to the 65th annual Pay Less Little 500 for the first time since his final race in 1993.

Frey will be returning to Anderson Speedway as a spectator. ”I’ll be in the area on business,” Frey informed ”I plan on riding my motorcycle from Arizona and will arrive the day of the race. I’ll spend the whole day there and plan on attending the Hall of Fame banquet as well. I’ll stay for the race that night. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends."

The Wickenburg, Ariz.. resident last competed as a driver during the 1993 season. Frey’s final Little 500 in 1993 was an ironic twist of one era ending, while another began. In that final Little 500, Frey finished second to winner Eric Gordon. Gordon would go on to claim a total of nine career Little 500’s. Gordon announced last week that this year’s Little 500 would be his last. Frey hasn’t been to a Little 500 since his final event as a driver in 1993, and it is ironic that his first visit since 1993 will be Gordon’s last.

Frey made 12 career Little 500 starts from 1973-1993. He scored five wins and finished second on three occasions. Frey competed in the Little 500 for Ernie Ensign, Urbie Durnwald and Glen Niebel. Frey won the Little 500 with a couple of unorthodox engine packages. He won his first Little 500 in 1980 with a Ford power plant and the remaining four with a Chevy V-6 engine. Both weren’t common engine combinations at the time.

Frey’s career came to an end in August 1993 at a USAC Silver Crown event at Milwaukee, WI driving for legendary car owner “Boston” Louis Seymour.