Warner Grabs First IOFS Front Wheel Drive Figure 8 Win

By Ken de la Bastide

(July 5, 2013) - Nick Warner is no stranger to the winner’s circle at Anderson Speedway following a Figure-8 race for the Front Wheel Drive division, but Thursday he recorded a career first.

Warner got inside of early leader Kevin Henson on lap six on the front
straight and went on to record his first ever IOFS feature win.

Throughout the race Warner was chased by Henson, who lost ground when he slowed to avoid a crash in the crossover.

Warner set a new track record during qualifying, but the drive to the victory was not without some excitement.

Several times Warner had to take evasive action to get around slower
traffic. That allowed Henson to close at times, but he was never able to regain the lead. Elliott McKinney came home third followed by Mike Alley and Austin McKinney.

In the first of two heat races, Henson was able to pass E. MckInney on lap six on the front straight after the two teammates traded paint several times in the corners.

Warner finished third after passing Mike Alley with an inside move coming off the second corner.

Brian McKinney recorded his first career heat win leading the entire
distance chased by teammate Austin McKinney, Blake Zirkle and Kenny Jones Jr.

During practice Jamie Valentine had a right front suspension piece break sending him hard into the outside wall and ending his night.