Dane Claims Front Wheel Drives Oval Win

By Ken de la Bastide

(July 15, 2013) - There were two drivers on the move during the feature for the Front Wheel Drive Oval division at Anderson Speedway and as can be expected they finished in the top two positions.

Paul Phipps led the first six laps before being passed by Kamden Creek on the sixth lap with an outside pass on the front straight. While Phipps and Creek were battling for the top spot, Jerry Dane and Elliott McKinney were working their way to the front of the field.

Dane moved into the third spot on lap five with an inside pass of McKinney entering turn three and used the high groove on the back straight to get around Phipps for second.

He was able to get inside of Creek entering turn three on lap ten to grab
the lead and started to pull away from the pack. McKinney passed Phipps on the front straight on lap 11 and then got round Creek three circuits later on the back straight.

After two caution periods, Phipps passed Creek with an inside move on the back straight with three laps remaining to claim the third spot. Jerry
Swinford came home in fifth.

Elliott McKinney claimed his second heat win of the season in the opening race for the division by working his way from the sixth position to the lead on lap eight with a pass of Phipps entering turn three.

There was tight racing for the top five positions with Marshall Clark Jr.
passing Phipps on lap nine to claim second, Phipps finished third followed by Dane and Creek.

In the second heat race, Swinford took the early lead but was passed by
Jesse Thomas and Austin McKinney on the second lap on the front straight.

Thomas was black-flagged on lap eight for exceeding his qualifying time.

Austin McKinney recorded his second win of the year followed by Kevin
Henson and Jeremy Allen.