Alley Returns to Front Wheel Drives Figure 8 Victory Lane

By Ken de la Bastide

(August 5, 2013) - Defending champion Mike Alley scored his first Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 feature win of the year by holding off this season’s hot driver Kevin Henson.

Alley had to survive lapped traffic on the final two laps to beat Henson
by four-tenths of a second.

Although Alley led all 15 circuits there was plenty of action behind him
and Henson.

Elliott McKinney and Nick Warner swapped the third spot on laps three and four as the two ran in close quarters as they crossed the “x”. Randy Hoppes made the final pass of the race on lap 11 to claim the fifth position from Brian McKinney on the front straight.

Warner was behind the wheel of a borrowed car. His primary car suffered heavy damage last week in a turn three crash and a transmission problem on Saturday forced him to an alternate plan.

For the sixth time this year Henson set fast time during qualifications
with a mark of 20.533-seconds followed by Alley and Elliott McKinney.
Just when it appeared Elliott McKinney was going to record the heat race victory, his car slowed on the final lap which allowed Mark Allman to speed past for his first win of the year.

Before that happened Blake Zirkle dropped out of competition on the second circuit while running fourth.

Warner passed Brian McKinney on the back straight with an inside move on lap four.

Following Allman to the checkers were Warner, Brian McKinney, Alley and Henson.