Griffin Records Third Roadsters Win

By Ken de la Bastide

(August 19, 2013) - Marty Griffin recorded his third feature win of the season in the Thunder Roadster division leading all 25 laps with tight racing behind the leader.

Griffin had to hold off a late charge by Doug Dugger over the final six
laps after Nate Shrout and Darrell Brown tangled in the second corner
while battling for the second spot.

Dugger worked his way up through the field and passed John Robbins for the third spot on lap eight with an outside power move entering turn three.

After the restart, Dugger stayed right on Griffin’s tailpipe but came up
.227-seconds short of the victory.

Following Griffin and Dugger to the checkered flag were John Robbins, David Lobbia and Chase Lane.

Griffin recorded his first heat win of the year with Shrout in close
pursuit the entire distance. Brown who was running second early in the race slowed and fell to the back of the field.

Griffin was followed to the checkers by Shrout, Dugger, Robbins and Brown.

In the second heat race, David Lobbia passed Colby Lane on the penultimate lap with an inside move entering turn three to record his second victory of the year.

Lobbia and Lane were followed home by Ross Schoeller.

The run for quick time during qualifications saw the top four drivers
separated by a little more than a tenth of a second.

Dugger posted the fast time at 13.642-seconds with Josh Tharp clocking a time of 13.7-seconds followed by Robbins at 13.704-seconds and Brown at 13.760-seconds.