Chapman Gets Eighth ThunderCar Victory;
Trent Gossar, Stanley Score Heat Wins

By Ken de la Bastide 

(September 24, 2013) -
After not recording a victory in more than a month in NASH FM ThunderCar action, Curtis Chapman scored his eighth feature win of the season.

Chapman has won seven features in NASH FM ThunderCar division action and recorded the victory in the 100-lap feature to open the season.

Chapman took the lead from Trent Gossar on a lap three restart with an outside pass on the front straight.

Gossar challenged him during three more restarts, but was never able to make the pass for the lead.

Cautions were brought out by Billy Cribbs who spun in turn one and came to rest against the outside retaining wall on lap five. Tom Gossar lost an engine on lap 22 while he was running fourth.

The final caution flag waved on lap 22 when Danny Stanley Jr. and Nick Lewis tangled on the back straight while fighting for the fifth spot.

Chapman went on to beat Trent Gossar to the checkers by six-tenths of a second followed by Robbie Allman, Nick Warner and Austin Russell.

“I knew that Trent (Gossar) would race me clean,” Chapman said in the Tim Thompson Nationwide Insurance Winner’s Circle.

Trent Gossar led all ten laps to record the victory in the first of the two heat races chased by Allman and Warner.

Warner lost positions to Chapman and Tom Gossar over the course of the next two laps. Trent Gossar won by .404-seconds over Allman, Chapman, his father Tom, and Warner.

Tom Gossar Jr., making only his second career start at Anderson Speedway, took the lead at the start from the pole position followed by Nick Lewis and Kevin Henson.

Lewis’s run in the second spot lasted only two laps when he spun on the front straight. That put Cribbs in the second spot behind Gossar, who maintained the lead on the restart.

The driver on the move was Stanley, who along with Austin Russell slipped past Cribbs on the back straight. Before the fourth lap was completed

Stanley took the lead with an outside pass of Gossar on the front straight.

Stanley recorded his first win of the season followed by Russell, Lewis, Henson and Cribbs.