CRA and Anderson Speedway Announce Two-Tire Rule for Late Model Sportsman and Street Stocks

(March 14, 2014) - 
Officials from Champion Racing Association and Anderson Speedway announced they will be honoring the request of many racers to help control the costs to race and create a more level playing field, by using a Two-Tire rule during the season for the CRA and Anderson Speedway Late Model Sportsman and Street Stock divisions.

Excluding the first two events of the year and major long distance races, teams will be required to use at least two used tires in qualifying and the feature. Used tires will be defined as tires that have been used prior to that race day and have a reduced tread depth equal to the amount of tread depth lost during one feature event. Officials will determine and announce the maximum tread depth rule for the eligible used tires, after the first 2 events of the season. Any team that does not meet the two used tire requirement must start outside the possible invert.

The Official Tires for CRA are as follows: The Stealth Trailer CRA Street Stocks Powered by JEGS will once again use the CRA Hoosier Comanche. The Vore’s Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman Powered by JEGS will use the CRA Hoosier 970, used last year or the next generation CRA Hoosier 970 STAR. For those that want to practice on these tires, there will be an allotment of these available for the open practice weekends at Anderson, and then a brand new batch will be produced during the week before the March 29th Late Model Sportsman opener at Anderson Speedway and will be available at the track on the day of the first race.

The occasional visitor that does not have the CRA plated tire will be required to pay a point fund penalty at each event, unless they are at their home track and that track utilizes the non CRA plated tire.

More information on all the CRA Series is available at