Warner Continues Hot Streak

By Ken da la Bastide

(April 14, 2014) - Nick Warner made it two consecutive wins in Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 action but not without some excitement in the crossover.

Warner took the lead on the second lap with a pass of Randy Hoppes while being chased by defending track champion Kevin Henson.

The only caution flag waved on the third circuit when Brian McKinney found the outside retaining wall in turn three.

On the restart Jeff Williams got inside of Hoppes entering turn one for the third place.

With Henson applying the pressure on Warner for the next five laps the two leaders were forced to brake entering the cross-over to miss the car of Kamden Creek.

Henson made slight contact with Creek, who spun entering turn one.

Randy Owens claimed third place at the finish line from Jeff Williams with Hoppes rounding out the top five.

“The key is to stay straight and watch the cross-over,” Warner said. “I knew it was close,” he said of the near miss with Creek.

Randy Owen recorded his first win of the 2014 season with a pass of Creek on the second lap of the heat race coming off the fourth corner.

The race was brought under caution on lap four when Eric Wiley and Blake Zirkle spun in turn three. At the same time Brian McKinney came to a stop.

Henson moved into the second spot on the restart with a pass of Creek entering turn three and a lap later Warner got around Creek in turn one.

But at the checkers it was Owens winning by .54-seconds over Henson, Warner, Creek and Randy Hoppes.