Weddel Wins Roadsters Opener

By Ken da la Bastide

(April 14, 2014) - Chris Weddel took advantage of starting on the pole position to hold off fast qualifier James Edsel at the start of the Thunder Roadster feature and went on to secure the victory.

In a battle of cars carrying the names of cartoon super heroes the “Green Lantern” bested “Batman” in a close contest for most of the 25 laps.

Weddel held off Edsel on the only restart of the race on lap nine following a spin in turn two by Marty Griffin, who was battling for third at the time.

John Robbins got around Doug Dugger on the restart to claim the third spot with Dugger holding on for fourth and Griffin recovering for a fifth place finish.

“It’s good to be back,” Weddel said in the Tim Thompson Nationwide Insurance Winner’s Circle. “James (Edsel) helped me set up this car today, so I really want to thank him.”

Darrell Brown led all ten laps to win the first of two heat races followed by Mark Dietzen with Monte Lewis taking the third spot with a pass of Ross Schoeller on lap four.

Weddel claimed the second heat race victory taking the lead from Robbins on the third lap with an inside move entering turn three.

Edsel passed Robbins a lap later entering turn one and Griffin made the final pass of the race on lap four with a move around Dugger.

Following Weddel to the checkers were Edsel, Robbins, Griffin and Dugger.