Local Primerica Financial Services Sponsors Families Forever Night on Friday, May 27

By Kyle Larson
Public Relations

Action Entertainment Inc. announced that Primerica Financial Services has signed a long-term agreement to sponsor the Families Forever / Primerica Free Night on Friday, May 27 at Anderson Speedway. This event takes place the night before the 57th Annual Pay Less / Remy International Little 500.

Joe Trotti, Senior Vice President with Primerica Financial Services has expanded his offices to include a new Anderson location.

"Our goal is to help ordinary families prepare and execute a sound financial game plan for their future," said Joe Trotti. "We have already shown many local families how to do just that."

People interested in learning more about Primerica are encouraged to contact Joe Trotti at (765) 289-8376 or visit the Primerica website at www.primerica.com/josephtrotti.

Primerica is a subsidiary of Citigroup (NYSE: C), the preeminent global financial services company with some 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries. Additional information on Citigroup is available at or www.citigroup.com.

Primerica will partner with Anderson-based Families Forever Ministries, Inc. for the Friday, May 27 event at Anderson Speedway.

Families Forever Ministries, Inc. has made a global commitment to build strong marriages and families through hands-on education, resource materials, one-on-one counseling and programs designed to equip individuals and families with the necessary tools to affect a positive change in their relationships.

Families Forever partners with churches, businesses and other pro-family organizations to develop and execute Mentoring Programs; to present programs designed to break the cycle of adolescent parenthood, and to provide services and counsel designed to uplift and encourage and foster healthy relationships.

The Familiar Forever / Primerica Free Night will take place on Friday, May 27 and admission is absolutely free. The event will feature the Insight ThunderCars in Oval and Figure 8 racing along with the Chappy’s Rent to Own Front Wheel Drives on the Oval and Figure 8. The evening will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display.

For additional information contact Anderson Speedway at (765) 642-0206.