Insight Continues Support of ThunderCar Division

By Kyle Larson
Public Relations

Action Entertainment Inc. announced that Insight has extended its sponsorship with Anderson Speedway, continuing its support of the ThunderCar division. It marks the second consecutive year that Insight will be the entitlement sponsor of the ThunderCar division at the world’s fastest quarter-mile oval.

"Everybody at Anderson Speedway is thrilled that Insight has extended its sponsorship of the ThunderCar division,” said Buddy Davis, Promotions/Marketing Director of Anderson Speedway. “We were happy with our first season with Insight last year and look forward to greater things in the future of the ThunderCar division.”

Founded in 1985, Insight has grown to become the ninth-largest cable operator in the United States, with 1.4 million customers in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Insight is at the forefront of the cable industry in delivering leading-edge technology to its customers - including digital video, high-speed internet, HDTV, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and coming soon, digital phone service.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with the Anderson Speedway and Action Entertainment,” said Tom Shevlot, District Vice President of Insight Communications. “It is important to Insight Communications to support our community events in any way we can and we look forward to the Anderson Speedway’s promotion of our products and services through many seasons to come.”

Recent industry achievements include Insight being awarded Cablevision Magazine’s "2001 Cable Operator of the Year." Insight was also named "2003 Operator of the Year" by Communications Technology.

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The Insight ThunderCars are featured in Oval and Figure 8 racing, making regular appearances during the MAX/WLBC Friday Night Summer Series, from May through September.

The 2005 Insight ThunderCar Oval season begins with a special appearance on opening night, Saturday, April 2, joining the regular Saturday Night divisions. The ThunderCar Figure 8’s will debut on Sunday, April 10, serving as a support event to the 6th Annual Glen Niebel Classic and the USAC National Sprint Cars.

For additional information, contact Anderson Speedway at (765) 642-0206.