Anderson Speedway/Little 500/PRA Distance Themselves from Previously Planed Sprint Car Event
Lack of Direction for 400 Lap Sprint Car Event Cited As Major Reason

Officials from the home of the Little 500 Sprint Car Race, Anderson Speedway, and officials from Premier Racing Association (PRA) have announced their intentions to distance themselves from a previously announced 400 lap sprint car race in Bradenton, Florida. The major reason cited for dissolution of the proposed sanctioning agreement is the lack of direction given to the event, especially at this late date leading up to the event.

“We just weren’t comfortable with how things were progressing with this event,” noted Anderson Speedway owner Rick Dawson, organizer of the prestigious Little 500 Sprint Car Race. “We’ve got 58 years of professional race management under our belts for this unique type of event, and we weren’t going to jeopardize that history if we couldn’t ensure the proposed event in Florida would not carry the same kind of support and direction.”

Over a decade ago, another long distance sprint car race was attempted in Florida. By most accounts, that event failed in the areas race management and financial health. Dawson went on to comment, “With the failed history of the last attempt to do this race in Florida by a ‘wildcat group’, we were not willing to try it until everything was in correct order, and it wasn’t even close.

The 2006 Florida event was also to include the support of PRA. Jason Smith, PRA Co-Founder, echoed the concerns of the Anderson Little 500 leadership. “We’ve made great steps in our inaugural season with the Big Car Series (asphalt cars formerly used in the USAC Silver Crown Series), and we didn’t want to lose that momentum by being associated with an event that could set back the tradition of the long distance sprint car race.” Smith also stated, “This was Jason McCord’s dream and it’s a shame that it won’t come to fruition this year.”

Jason McCord said “After competing for so many years at the Little 500 we wanted to begin a racing tradition in the state of Florida that resembled the Little 500. Even though it will not work this year, our hope is that we get to try it again in the future…but only when all the right parties are in place. Any attempt to do it by taking short cuts or without the right parties in place is only a recipe for disaster.”

Both groups of officials wanted to be sure that all competitors were aware that any previous assumptions that they would provide leadership and management for the proposed Florida event, is no longer the case. As a result, they could not assure them of the processes, protection or procedures that would be imposed by an untested leadership group.

“We’ve got to spread the word where this proposed event has ended up, so that we can protect potential racers and the traditions of the Little 500 and the reputations of Anderson Speedway and PRA,” Dawson concluded.

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